My personal About info, beyond what fits in the GitHub bio! :D

Pony Town

If you’re coming from Pony Town to see this :> then I’m usually there.
Feel free to interact with me in any way at any time! :D
If it says Away feel free to whisper, but don’t expect a quick response ^^’
If it says Busy feel free to whisper still, but don’t expect a response at all much less a quick one ^^’
If I’m a statue and you want to talk, please whisper then friend and message me on discord in Pony Town, since by the time I see it, the game won’t let me reply for some reason, and it’s so sad to see people I want to reply and talk to but the game won’t let me!!

I’m often afkish there, meaning I’m still there, just doing laundry or soldering or something and not looking at the screen all the time. ^_^
(I’m also often not-really-afk there, meaning I’m coding or something and I’m in Pony Town but have the IDE window translucent over Pony Town and I can see if someone comes up to me! :D but you have no way of knowing if it’s that or afkish if it says Away or Busy XD )

So tl;dr please whisper if I don’t respond to boops or talking normally! (and don’t get mad if I don’t respond at all when Busy!)
(Someday maybe ponytown will get Notifications and then it can ding me if you boop or something ^w^ but until then, normal text gets lost in the “Local” tab’s scroll XD so I keep the “Personal” tab open :3 )

My me-nesses :>

I ammmmmmmm a silly little puppylike boi :>

tl;dr I’m like an affectionate friend boy or sentient puppy that exists in the fantasy world of girls’ TV shows XD
Which is why Pony Town is so important to me!! It is a world based on a girls’ TV show! XD!
I can be me there..and not get punched in the face XD or scare people because they have to worry if I’m the kind of person who’d punch people in the face X’D or otherwise just be…on Mars..when really I’m on Venus :>

(And don’t tell me I’m really a transgirl in God’s eyes lmao XD I’m a boy and I like being a boy :D ..I’m just a boy..on Venus! ^w^ )

My interests and you!! :D

If we’re friends and particularly if you’re nurturing and kind (whether or not a girl!..but prolly a girl XD), I am 10000% allllll abouttttt sharing knowledge and passion on science, math, computers, technology, and all kiiiiiinds of those things!!..but only if you want to :>

By passion I mean if you want to like something you don’t already, I can reveal how I experience it emotionally, and wax poetic about the gentle elysian meadows of combinatoric discrete mathematics, or the timeless golden library of group/magma theory, or other worlds and places in the structure of the fabric of reality itself that binds the many universes of possibility together 8>

I think there’s a unique and beautiful way with which we experience these things and the ontological and emotional frameworks they rest in, in our minds. And I think the difference of that from the experiential and perceptual frameworks of most of the people who make up these fields (usually (conventional) boys) might be a big reason why so many girls don’t like STEM things!

Ie, that it’s really something deeper, which also explains why the girls who do like STEM things and keep liking them after college, are so often seen by boys/men as “one of the guys”. I don’t think the answer is just for the boys to “be nicer to girls”—I mean obviously that!! but as a not-girl who desperately loves it but wouldn’t be in STEM if I had to be in it professionally/conventionally/socially, I think I can tell there’s something deeper—a fundamental dissonance there in the entire perception of reality and life that can only be dealt with by reading books written by people-, going to conventions with people-, being mentored by people-, working in a lab with people-, just being in a field with people-! -who..don’t see the world as a competition..but as opportunity for togetherness and helping each other! ^w^, conversations not as things to hold one’s own in and toughen each other up in but to help each other and lift each other up in!, two or more things as always to be compared as to which one’s better—including people!—and thus always to be jostling for who gets to be king (or queen!) of the hill, and for sensitivity to be useful but thick skin to be expected, instead of thick skin to be useful and sensitivity to be expected.

I don’t mean to say the way most boys are (“mars”, you might call it) is a bad way or world, just that..it’s not ours. So as a “child of venus” you might say, but who grew up with ALLLllllLLLLLLLlllll the male privilege of being encouraged in everything sciencey and mathey and computerey and who took to it deeply for my entire life, I want to do absolutely everything I can to connect and increase the number of people who perceive the world the way we do..who also know how to take an integral lol, but more than that, who actually love communing with the timeless fabrics of realities (math!) and creating them! (computers!) including the fabric of our own reality! (physics!) and all that’s in it (rest of science!) and creating things in it! (technology!) :’>

So..if you’re also like me, and know and want to share as peers! :D or don’t know and want to learn, or want to want to learn ;3 these things,
PlEEEeeEeEeeeEEeEeeeeeeese just let me know; I would desperately love to share this with you 8>

(And it’s an edgy hot-take, but..honestly, I think the world needs more people who don’t subconsciously experience life as a competition..wielding the greatest powers and knowledge its ever seen XD’’ )

tl;dr I’ll help you with your homework lol or teach you to code XD —but no, it’s more than that :’>

(though also note, I’m CRLA Level II certified and was a professional tutor in college that a lot of people liked, so I really can help :D and you get it for freeeee! ^W^ )

Specific things I already know a lot about! Including Fandoms! ^W^

Things we’re both passionate about are great :D

But as a dear friend showed me, a lot of connection comes from specific things you like and already know a lot about!! :D
(As opposed to things you like but don’t already know a lot about, but would learn if someone wanted to :3 )


I think this includes Fandoms! :D

So here are my Fandom things not in order but grouped by level of interest/importance to me (note that I’m not active in any fandom communities, I just like these arts :> )

(then, the less soul-definingly-deeply important ones to me: XD )

(@ means I haven’t finished all of it yet (as of 2023-04-11)! So no spoilers! XD ) (none in the second one bc they’re not as personally-important to me so I don’t mind as much X33 )

Notfandoms! XD

This section needs work, but I’m just going to write out a bunch of stuff like it’s NaNoWriMo (which my dear friend does :3 ) because it’s getting late and I need to fix my sleep schedule XD’’


Can do in my sleep XD

Know a fair bit about and dream about in my sleep! 8> XD

Other accounts!

Here are my other accounts I’m comfortable associating with this one ^^